Welcome to the “Running Fukuoka Club”!

We are the runnning lovers club based on Fukuoka. More than 30 members monthly gather and run around and outside the Ohhori Koen Park. Events include summer camp, group race entry, year-end and new-year party, Sanja-Mairi with run (Sanja-Mairi is a traditional new-year event especially in Fukuoka, visiting 3 shrines).

Though there are few member from abroad right now, we always welcome a new comer no matter where you are from. Regardless of your age, running skill, and of course nationality.

Under planning meeting (running) schedule is as follows. Please feel free to send a e-mail to the webmaster if you need more information or are willing to attend. (English will be O.K.)

・May 18 : Attending “Relay marathon” race at Munakata-City. Max 10 member relay, totally 42.195km, so each member runs 4km or more.

・June 21 (Saturday): Ohhori-Koen Park Takaratei at 4PM. After run (approximately 6PM), drinking party.

・July 5-6:Summer camp at Munakata-City. Detail later